Latest Upgrades to eToroX Exchange, July 4, 2019

Your personal profile on eToroX has been upgraded! We’ve improved the interface to make it clearer and easier to use.

Accounts That Have Not Yet Been Verified

Users who have yet to complete their account verification process will see this yellow strip (see below). By clicking the strip, they are directed to the registration process.

Verification strip

Identity verification, enabling the upload of scanned ID verification documents:

Passport or ID verification

Address verification, enabling the upload of address verification documents:

Address verification

Proof of Identification, enabling the upload of scanned ID documentation:

Proof of ID

The Financial questionnaire, part of our compliance with the AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your client) regulations that govern eToroX:

Financial questionnaire

Enhanced Personal Account Section

You can now see your personal information in a clear and coherent flow. Users with fully verified eToroX accounts will see this upgraded interface, that offers easier access to, and better control of all the options within their eToroX account profile.

Click your profile for the drop-down list, which includes the following options:

Profile Dropdown List

Personal Details displays your personal information:

Personal Details

Settings allows you to change your password, toggle your preference for Google Two-Step Authentication (2FA), and to opt in or out of receiving emails from eToroX.


My Documents shows your uploaded verification documents, and indicates whether they have been approved.

My Documents

Questionnaire displays the answers provided during the verification process.


Trading API is where you can apply to join the Trading API.

Trading API

Refer A Friend: Bring your friends into the eToroX world, and get rewarded when they trade on the eToroX Exchange.

Refer a Friend

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