Saga Now on eToroX Exchange

From today, users can trade Saga (SGA) on eToroX Exchange as the base currency of three new crypto trading pairs: SGA/BTC, SGA/ETH, and SGA/USD.

Saga, launched in December 2019 by Saga Monetary Technologies Ltd., is the latest token to be added to eToroX’s ever-expanding list of cryptocurrencies. Billed as the “first global, stabilized, digital currency controlled by its holders,” Saga introduces a new monetary model leveraging the best of the current stable of cryptocurrencies with the advantages of fiat.

Saga and eToro

Said Saga founder and chairman, Ido Sadeh Man, “We are thrilled to be listed on eToro’s crypto Exchange, eToroX. By doing this, the accessibility of the SGA token is greatly increased. At Saga, we very much align with eToro’s commitment to innovating the future of digital currencies, and their fully compliant and regulated role within the financial industry.

Saga: A New Approach to Worldwide Money

Saga aspires to create a currency that helps bridge the gap between national currencies and cryptocurrencies. Its vision is its desire to be a fair and dependable global currency, operating within a global economy, and not bound by national or commercial considerations. Based on a non-geographically-specific governance framework, Saga allows its holders sovereignty of the currency.

An Exciting Idea

The company uses the central banking monetary model to solve two of digital currency’s key issues: volatility and fraud. In terms of stability, SGA acts like a stablecoin, but rather than being based on a single currency to hold its value, it is backed by the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), a currency basket of the world’s strongest fiat currencies – the US dollar, euro, renminbi, yen, and pound sterling. SGA is fully compliant with strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and KYC procedures, and is not anonymous, though the privacy of currency holders is maintained.


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