Presenting the AlgoX Prime Institutional-Grade API Trading Program

eToroX is delighted to announce the launch of AlgoX Prime, our institutional-grade API trading program.

Deep Liquidity and Bespoke Capabilities

AlgoX Prime employs the deep liquidity of eToro, extremely tight spreads, and bespoke capabilities for institutional-level cryptoasset trading. It is carefully tailored to suit the needs and requirements of institutional-grade traditional and crypto algo traders.

Increased Volume, High Quality, Low-Latency Colocation Services, and more

Offering highly competitive fees, and a free enterprise-grade market data package, AlgoX Prime also provides a high-quality, low-latency colocation service that incorporates professional-level connectivity, and enables direct access to eToroX’s dedicated, high-security, data centre. The continuous rollout of AlgoX Prime will include an ever-expanding list of cryptoassets, increased volume from eToro, and much more.

Opening the Door to Trading Cryptoassets

At the launch of AlgoX Prime, at the Consensus invest:Asia event in Singapore, Doron Rosenblum, eToroX Managing Director, said “AlgoX Prime, our new API trading program, offers professional and corporate trading capabilities to institutional and corporate traders. We believe that it will open the door for institutional traditional financial algo trading companies to trade cryptoassets, and by doing so, greatly increase market liquidity.

Bridging the Gap Between the Traditional Markets and Crypto

The AlgoX Prime trading program aligns with eToro’s strategy of bridging the gap between blockchain and the traditional financial markets,” said Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro. “The ability to trade using APIs will help steer institutional traders to connect to the crypto market, and to utilize eToro’s high-trading volume.

Helping Facilitate Mass Adoption

It is highly significant that we are launching AlgoX Prime API trading program today in South East Asia,” commented Jasper Lee, Managing Director of eToro Asia. “The market in this region is highly dynamic. People are very involved with crypto, and we believe that developments such as our new API program will greatly help facilitate mass adoption.

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