Lira: Securing Financial Contracts Through On-Chain Execution

Decentralised finance is one of the most prolific growing spaces, with more than $500M circulating on-chain. We envision a future where assets are traded seamlessly, using blockchain technology.

Lira is eToroX’s intuitive, easy-to-learn declarative domain-specific language for defining simple yet highly complex financial contracts for EVM, including contracts for options.

first code example first code example

Secure Foundation

Lira is based on a formally verified contract language that was developed based on a body of internationally recognised academic research.

Creating an Infrastructure For a New Economy

The Lira language can be used as the backbone for a variety of financial instruments, including futures, options, loans and so on.

Deploy Your First Lira Contract

Watch this demo to see an example of a simple futures trading use case.

About Lira

Lira is a truly open source project, aiming to build the future of decentralised finance, and community members are encouraged to join this effort.

eToroX Labs is an R&D unit developing Blockchain on behalf of the eToro Group. This project is donated to the community, and is currently solely maintained by eToroX Labs.
To get involved and/or contribute, feel free to visit our GitHub and try out Lira.