eToro wallet fees

Send/Receive Transaction Fee
  1. No Fee is charged by eToro X Limited for sending and receiving transactions.
    Blockchain fees applicable on sending and receiving.
Crypto to crypto conversion
  1. eToroX charges a conversion fee of 0.1%.
  2. Conversion rates are eToro market rates.
XRP Wallet creation fee
  1. XRP wallet creation costs are 45 XRP
  2. Fees are waived for first 25,000 customers to open XRP wallet until Jan 31 2019 (Terms)

  3. XRP wallet opening costs XRPs. The 45XRP is what XRP calls the reserve. It is comprised of 20XRP base reserve and 25 XRP required to manage a multi-sig XRP wallet.
  4. This reserve must be held as a minimum reserve in the address and cannot be sent to other addresses.