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Exchange DASH with eToroX – Low DASH Exchange Fees and High Security

eToroX is the blockchain and crypto arm of eToro, the innovative financial provider that has been revolutionizing the retail trading industry for more than a decade. eToroX provides a crypto asset Exchange enabling the trading of an array of digital currencies, such as Dash, among several others for various crypto assets and stablecoins.

eToroX is a regulated exchange that offers its users many benefits:

  • Safety and protection through a regulated environment
  • A long and well-respected track record as part of a financial group
  • Unique crypto pairings and tokenized assets

The origins of DASH

DASH is the brainchild of developer Evan Duffield. Impressed by the underlying technology involved with bitcoin, he also quickly saw the need for improving this. He created the first incarnation of the digital currency as XCoin (XCO), which was later rebranded as DarkCoin. Shortly after, it was rebranded once again to its current incarnation DASH, a merger of the words digital and currency. The ultimate goal of this currency was to become as liquid as the cash we use day today. Like bitcoin, this digital currency has its own blockchain and wallet infrastructure. However, unlike bitcoin, it dramatically decreases the size of fees involved with using it.


  • Fast transaction times
  • Negligible fee sizes
  • Instant confirmation of transactions

Discover more about trading DASH

When purchasing DASH with eToroX you have a variety of payment options available to you, which include crypto assets like the USDX. Furthermore, you can use your DASH to purchase other stable coins or tokenized assets. You can also safely store your DASH in the DASH Wallet and the eToro Wallet will safely store your private key.

The above content is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or any other type of advice. All trading involves the risk of capital loss. Digital Assets trading also involves additional special risks not generally shared with official currencies, goods, or commodities. For more information on the risks please refer to our Risk Disclaimer.

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