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Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash
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Exchange Bitcoin Cash with eToroX – Fast, advanced, competitive fees

If you are looking to buy, sell or exchange Bitcoin Cash for other digital assets then you will be glad you checked out eToroX. eToroX is a high performance digital asset exchange that puts the user firmly in the driver seat. eToroX is a branch of the award-winning financial provider eToro, which comes with a long and reputable track history, so you can feel confident.

eToroX is a visionary Xchange that brings:

  • Superior technology that is both fast and secured
  • Highly competitive BCH exchange fees
  • A regulated environment for crypto and tokenized asset exchange

How Bitcoin Cash was Born

Bitcoin Cash was born from a need. As time passed and the Bitcoin community and popularity grew, the Bitcoin blockchain became limited in size with transaction speeds slowing down and transaction fees increasing rapidly. These scalability issues created a deep split in the Bitcoin community with one group wanting to keep the 1 MB block sizes, and the other wanting to increase the block size, in other words, having more Bitcoins available for mining. As a result, on August 1st 2017, the first Bitcoin fork occurred, leading to the birth of BCH – Bitcoin Cash.

Here’s why Bitcoin Cash:

  • Transaction fees are low
  • Transaction times are fast
  • Block size increase from 1MB to 8MB
  • More transactions per second than Bitcoin

Discover more about trading BCH

To put things in perspective, Visa processes 150 million transactions per day, which is around 1,700 transactions per second. Bitcoin, on the other hand, can only process seven transactions per second and as the amount of users increases the transaction speed only decreases. This is ultimately what separates BCH from BTC. The end-goal of the BCH developers is to not only surpass BTC in its transaction times, but to compete with other major payment providers like Visa. While BCH can handle an average of 116 transactions per second today, there is a lot of work ahead. The future although still unclear, remains bright.

The above content is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or any other type of advice. All trading involves risk of capital loss. Digital Assets trading also involves additional special risks not generally shared with official currencies, goods or commodities. For more information on the risks please refer to our Risk Disclaimer.


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