Fighting Poverty Through Blockchain

Will You Join Us?

Global wealth distribution is extremely skewed: the 26 richest people on the planet own as much, in terms of assets, as the 3.8 billion people that comprise the poorest half of the globe’s population (Oxfam, 2019).
  • November 2018, eToro announced the GoodDollar experiment, a non-profit, open-source blockchain-powered initiative aiming to reduce global wealth inequality by using principles of universal basic income (UBI)
  • eToro is donating $1 million to support the GoodDollar experiment
  • GoodDollar – which is looking to launch a pilot in 2019 – needs more brains, ambassadors and funders to join the project.

GoodDollar’s ultimate vision is to create a global cryptocurrency and economic framework whereby money can be distributed to those most in need, based on the principles of universal basic income (UBI).

What is UBI?

It is a model promoted by visionaries and thought leaders around the world – to provide all human beings with a guaranteed basic income. It is based on the premise that all humans deserve to be granted at least a minimum wage, with no strings attached, allowing them freedom to fulfill their potential.

Adopting UBI Principles

Now, thanks to the advent of blockchain technology – the distributed digital ledger that underpins bitcoin, and countless other cryptocurrencies – there is growing belief that UBI principles can be enabled in an incorruptible, decentralised way that doesn’t involve governments.

What is OpenUBI?

OpenUBI is the voluntary, open-source evolution of this idea: the economic models are based on blockchain technology, without the need for government involvement and taxation. The process is democratised through decentralised governance, and all currency data is saved on a transparent, distributed ledger.

Some of the features of GoodDollar are:

  • Accessible to anyone, anywhere on the planet
  • Fairly distributed to combat inequality
  • Exchangeable for any other currency
  • Low transaction fees to ensure no barriers

Join us?

If you are an expert in identity and privacy, governance, local and global adoption of financial products, and wealth distribution, please email:
[email protected]

We are also looking for ambassadors, philanthropists, NGO partners and those that want to help us do good. Please email us on:
[email protected]