eToroX and Cybersecurity

eToroX recognizes the importance of defending against cyber threats, particularly given the vulnerability of digital assets to such risks. Our main focuses regarding security are maintaining a stable and secure platform, protecting our customers’ privacy and their assets, and planning ahead to prepare for potential business disruptions, which, given the vulnerability of digital assets to cyber threats, is particularly important. For these reasons, the eToro group dedicates a significant amount of resources, effort, and attention to its information security and efforts to prevent and handle business continuity and disaster recovery issues.

Cybersecurity Program

eToro’s cyber security program is designed to perform the following five core cyber security functions:


1. Identify

Identify internal and external cyber risks by, at a minimum, identifying the information stored on eToro's systems, the sensitivity of such information, and how and by whom such information may be accessed.


2. Protect

Protect eToro's electronic systems, and the information stored on those systems, from unauthorized access, use, or other malicious acts through the use of defensive infrastructure and the implementation of policies and procedures.


3. Detect

Detect systems intrusions, data breaches, unauthorized access to systems or information, malware, and other cyber security events.


4. Respond

Respond to detected cyber security events to mitigate any negative effects.


5. Recover

Recover from cyber security events and restore normal operations and services.

eToro Cybersecurity Policy

eToro maintains a thorough Global Information, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Policy. This document provides an overview of eToro’s commitment to countering cyber and privacy threats and protecting the company’s data. Contact us to be sent a copy of the eToro Cybersecurity policy.

Why Compromise between Custody Technology or Services? Have both.

eToroX offers a state-of-the-art, fully-managed cold storage Custody as a Service (CaaS) solution, in partnership with GK8, a world-leading provider of military-grade cybersecurity solutions. Our CaaS solution is based on a three-level, military grade FIPS140 custodian process, with multiple separation between the environments.

The CaaS technology has been validated and tested, and is already in operation, protecting more than 1B USD worth of our clients’ assets, and enabling users to trade their secured cryptoassets on eToroX.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

eToroX combines cyber threat intelligence capabilities with AML compliance technology provided by top tier experts, to ensure that all our users are fully protected.