Credit Line

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Enhance your trading power

To allow eToroX users to be able to use their money as they see fit, in the smartest possible way, and to boost our users’ trading power by providing them with additional liquidity, eToroX provides a credit line program for spot trading.

The credit line, as opposed to leverage trading, enables you to enhance your account liquidity, regardless of your trading positions. Practically speaking, this means that eToroX’s Credit Line program is a per user account option rather than per position, all the more exclusive by virtue of eToro being a regulated trading venue.

How it works is simple.
Make a deposit of a minimum of $10K.
Take a credit line of x10, and you have $100K to trade with.

The Credit Line program offers users an easier way to manage their positions, enabling them extended access to deep regulated liquidity. Based on the collateral of eToroX’s unique tokenized asset USDEX, users can utilize eToroX’s line of credit, allowing them to trade with up to 10x more liquidity.

Trade on eToroX and request a credit line