Exchange fees

Deposit fees

Free. eToroX charges no fees for deposits.

Trading fees

What is a Tiered Fees approach?

The fees for all the transactions will be calculated according to Tier 1. In the event that the monthly volume grows beyond Tier 1, a rebate will be done at the first week of the month. Depending on the Tier Level, the rebate will be calculated based on the percentages shown in the table.

What are Maker/Taker fees?

Maker/Taker fees are charged for trades where Maker orders add liquidity and Taker orders remove liquidity from our order book. As a result, Maker and Taker trade order fees are different.

Taker fee example

You place an immediate order that doesn’t go on the order book eg, by being filled partially or fully. This type of trade “takes” liquidity off of the order book.

Maker fee example

You place an order for pending execution eg, a limit order which is not automatically filled (partially or fully). This type of trade helps “make” the market and adds liquidity to the order book.


Monthly Volume Maker fees Taker fees
0.10% 0.24%
0.09% 0.22%
0.08% 0.20%
0.07% 0.17%
0.06% 0.15%
0.03% 0.12%


  • The calculation will be done for each calendar month.
  • The Rebate will be given during the 1st week of the month.
Quick withdraw limit
Withdraw fee
 AUDX 50,000 3.75000
   BCH 166 0.01000
   BTC 10 0.00060
 CADX 50,000 3.90000
 CHFX 50,000 3.00000
   ETH 278 0.01700
 EURX 45,000 2.65000
 GBPX 40,000 2.30000
 JPYX 5,500,000 330.00000
   LTC 555 0.03300
 NZDX 50,000 4.25000
USD 50,000 3.00000
   XRP 166,667 8.50000
   CNYX 300,000 18
   RUBX 3,000,000 180
   SLVX 3,000 0.20000
   GLDX 40 0.00250



Availability SEPA countries
Method SEPA – Clear Junction
Minimum amount 150 EUR
Maximum amount 10,000 EUR
Fee 1%
Processing Time 0-5 business days